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Welcome to THE PROCESS page - where we provide a more in-depth look at how we came up with some of our most popular designs. We'll talk about the rationale behind the design of each Tshirt and give you an insider glimpse of our thought process. We hope you enjoy learning more.


I'm an 80s kid...

Gen X all the way baby, so Skeletor was a staple villain growing up. I like the idea of darker, more sinister versions of supervillains and Skeletor was the obvious first choice. Getting that sneer right was the hardest part, and I deliberately made it a kind of 'freehand' style, although everything I do is done using a mouse and vector software. I also have a preference for working on dark canvas in order to bring things out into the light, and negative space can be really useful in times like this. I'm working on more additions to the collection, so check back soon.



#2   EVE

Take a bite...

I created Eve some time ago, very conscious of the 'temptation' aspect of the character that tied in with her obvious sexuality. The red accents in the image are symbolic of life, lust and knowledge. Some people have asked if she was modelled on PJ Harvey, but I'm afraid not. I see what they mean though. This image also exists on canvas somewhere on Planet Earth, although I have no idea where. Anyway, she looks good as a Tshirt design. Hope you agree.




Autism is a Superpower.

I was diagnosed as an Adult with ASD in my mid-forties, after a lifetime of wondering why I didn't process things the same way as those around me. Having a child with ASD has led me to discover more about the condition and become a serious advocate for Neurodiversity. Yes, Autism is a Superpower, and those who live with it deserve to celebrate it proudly. I wanted to reflect that message using a parody of a well-established logo/emblem, and I love how it turned out.




It all started with an Easter Gift, ironically.

I got gifted with one of those 'Grow Your Own Jesus' novelty things. A tiny little messiah you leave in water overnight and in the morning, a miracle will have taken place. Sort of. Suffice to say I didn't open it, it's still in its original packaging pinned to the kitchen messageboard. But I loved the idea of 'tiny Jesus' and it quickly became a thing. But who or what to provide a foil? Tiny Death, of course. Religion Vs. Reason. The ultimate leveller. This design is more of an introduction to the characters, because you'll be seeing a great deal more of them in future designs. Who knows, even Keanu might make an appearance.




The original 'Multiverse Band' Tshirt.

One of the things that amuses me is wordplay. Juxtaposition of words that can be totally random but open up a myriad of possibilities. This is how Luxury Slut came into being. It instantly put me in mind of a band name, and that led to thinking about what kind of band it was and the realisation that if I didn't actually create the band shirt then I'd never get to wear it. So I did.

The design was a fusion of Art Deco and Disco. So Art Disco, I guess. Colour scheme was psychedelic drag and the whole thing doubles as an album cover.




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